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Please note the following: Online reservations are only possible for the restaurant. Tables on the terrace cannot be reserved online. We have two bookings per evening: In the first time slot, your table will be reserved until 7.15 pm at the latest. There is no time limit for reservations from 7.30 pm! Thank you for your understanding!

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Eat pizza at RENTSCHLERS

Eat pizza

La. Dolce. Vita.

Rheinschauen. Enjoy.

Eat pizza in Speyer

What makes our RENTSCHLERS pizza so special? On the one hand there is the thick, dark and fluffy crust, on the other hand the thin, soft base in the middle in combination with a puristic topping. Typically Neapolitan - and typically delicious!

Which topping do you choose: Mild buffalo mozzarella, spicy chorizo, fruity cherry tomatoes? You have the choice!

When it comes to our pizza, we leave nothing to chance, as always in the RENTSCHLERS kitchen: for our dough we we use only type 00 flour from Naples and let it rest for at least 36 hours for optimal digestibility. hours for optimal digestibility. Also for our toppings we use high quality ingredients directly from Italy - so nothing stands in the way of the ultimate pizza pleasure!

Eating pizza at RENTSCHLERS means taking a culinary journey into the heart of Italian cuisine: With our pizza, we bow to the tradition that has been passed down for centuries in the streets of Naples. for centuries - and let you immerse yourself in the taste of original Neapolitan pizza. Or to put it another way: We serve you a pizza that we prepare for you with full passion, dedication and the best ingredients.

You prefer to enjoy your pizza on the sofa at home? That's not a problem either: Of course our pizza is also available available to go!

Eat pizza

La dolce vita!

Lust auf Pizza bekommen?

Then come and visit us! In advance you can take a look at our menu - and be inspired by our creations. The best thing is to reserve a table directly with us: Call us at 06232 70592 or reserve by mail to

Your party

RENTSCHLERS pizza at your event? Of course!

There's hardly anyone who doesn't love it - that's why pizza is a safe bet at any event: Whether at the summer party of your company on site, at the birthday party in your own garden or as original catering at your wedding.

Wouldn't it be great if we could set up our pizza oven directly at your place, right? And now hold on tight: That's exactly what we make possible! With our pizza catering we bring real Neapolitan pleasure to your event - with the varieties you want to offer your guests.

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Direkt am Rhein

What began many years ago as the "New Hammer" is now called simply as we are: RENTSCHLERS. Because as a true family business, we stand for exactly what we offer: Culinary delights in a restaurant where every:r is welcome.


Rheinallee 4

67346 Speyer

Right next to our Restraurant you will find some parking spaces. One corner further there are parking spaces for which a fee is charged. Another possibility is the Domplatz from where you can easily reach us in 10 min walk - so you can follow a short digestive walk at the end of your visit.


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